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Top 5 Transformer Manufacturers in India

At the core of India's industrial revolution resides a vital component that ensures the uninterrupted flow of the nation's power– transformers. Our homes and industries depend on them to effectively distribute electricity.

But many of the industry owners don’t know where to get the best one. Here comes Trutech Products - a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and reliability. We, one of the trusted Transformer Manufacturers in India, are committed to offering you top-grade Transformers in Pune, India.

As moving ahead in this blog, we delve into the world of transformers and shed light on the Top 5 Transformer Manufacturers in India. This is going to be the exact and amazing information that you are looking for, so let’s get started:

List of 10 Best Transformer Manufacturers in India

  1. Trutech Products
  2. ABC Transformers
  3. Siemens India
  4. Transformers & Rectifiers India Ltd
  5. Servokon
  6. ABB India
  7. Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd.
  8. Uttam Bharat
  9. Kotsons Pvt. Ltd
  10. EVR Power

Trutech Products

Starting the list with the name that comes to everyone's mind automatically when it comes to transformer manufacturing, Trutech Products stands tall as a true industry leader.

With a legacy spanning years, we have consistently exceeded expectations by delivering cutting-edge Step-Down Transformers, Control Transformers, Three-Phase Transformers, and so on solutions.

We hold the top rank in the Indian transformer manufacturing market because we adhere to innovation and an unrelenting focus on quality.

ABC Transformers

As we walk to the second one, we find the ABC Transformers. With a broad selection of Dry Type Transformers, Special Purpose Transformers, and Single Phase- ABC. Their complete range is created to fulfill different industrial and commercial purposes.

They have established themselves as a reliable business partner for several companies all across the country for supplying top transformers. Their focus on the latest innovations is proof of their everlasting commitment.

EVR Power

As we move ahead we find that in a world shifting towards renewable energy, EVR Power has emerged as a key player in empowering India's transition.

Specializing in transformers for renewable energy applications, their innovative Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers, and Convert/Inverter Transformers have seamlessly integrated solar and wind energy sources into the nation's power grid. Their willingness to use clean energy is advancing India toward a sustainable future.

Servomax Limited

Talking about the 4th best Transformer Manufacturers in India, Servomax Limited has made significant strides in revolutionizing transformer technology to enhance energy efficiency.

Do you think their advanced Distribution Transformers, Dry Type Transformers, and Isolation and Ultra Isolation Transformers are only for guaranteeing a consistent power supply? However, this is inaccurate.

It also helps to create a future that is more ecologically friendly and sustainable. They keep developing transformers' characteristics by emphasizing research and development.


Powertech's work aims to take electricity to the farthest corners of the nation and this is visible in their work. Their CSP (Completely Self Protected) Transformers, Power Distribution Transformers, and Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers are designed for fulfill the needs of both rural and remote areas.

They have significantly contributed to bridging the urban-rural electricity divide. The way they have changed countless lives is evidence of their dedication to social responsibility.

Transformer Manufacturers In Pune

The realm of Transformer Manufacturers In Pune, India, is a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape, driven by innovation, reliability, and a commitment to progress. Among the Top 5 Transformer Manufacturers, we, Trutech Products, shine as a beacon of excellence, setting new standards and redefining the industry's future. With us, the best Transformer Manufacturer in Mumbai, and Pune, you can get the best. Call us to enquire more!

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