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Tips To Prevent Transformer Failures

A Transformer is a heavy-duty device that faces fewer failures, but when they do, the cost can be upsetting. And as we all know, prevention is better than cure, so it becomes the responsibility of everyone to take some precautionary measures to avoid such situations and ensure the long-lasting performance of a transformer. Being counted among Transformer Manufacturers In Pune, Trutech Products have mentioned a list of points that one needs to consider for extra safety and understand the need for repair and replacement for your transformer. So, let’s look at the facts below.

  • Check Serious Damages: Transformers last for years, yet it is worth considering their condition so that you are not surprised by an unplanned failure. Keep a strict eye on any visible crack or damage to quickly resolve it.
  • Keep It Clean: Dirt, dust, and residue create a layer over the transformer that can reduce its life and performance. Besides degrading insulation, this build-up residue can also cause your transformer to run hotter than it needs. So, keeping it clean, as suggested, is compulsory to prevent unplanned failures.
  • Ensure Proper Installation: Trust us, poor installation can cost you a fortune. Even one wrong misconnect can lead to failure and sometimes hazardous accidents on-site that can cost personnel safety, time and money. Therefore, it is the utmost crucial factor to consider for dodging any possible failures.
  • Avoid Overloading: A Transformer can handle a certain amount of load, and going beyond the limits can cause severe hazards. So, if your load need has increased, it is good to update your transformer capacity with a better version to evade collapse.
  • Time To Time Maintenance: Buying a device is one thing and keeping it well-maintained is another. Avoiding maintenance to save costs can only lead you to greater expenses. So, it’s better not to neglect it to ensure the transformer's smooth and long-term working.

If you want to avoid breakdowns, you should give your transformer a little more attention than it deserves. Being noteworthy among Transformer Manufacturers In India, we’d be happy to discuss its health and replace your damaged transformer with our new and advanced models. For further discussion, ping us now.

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