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Complete Comparison: Single Phase Versus 3 Phase Transformer

If we talk about a transformer, it is a technically engineered unit that ultimately meets the voltage requirement in various application areas. In areas where low voltage is required, such as household applications, the transformers convert the high voltage supply into low voltage, thus, ensuring uninterrupted working of washing machines, television, etc. In addition to this, there also are transformers that are used for various industrial applications. These transformers are mainly designed to convert the interrupted voltage supply into high voltage, meeting the requirements of the application areas. In this read, there is a clear comparison between Single Phase Transformer and 3 Phase Transformer. Trutech Products is one of the trustworthy Transformer Manufacturers In Pune. So, what are we waiting for now? Let's get straight to the point.

What is a Single Phase Transformer?
If we talk about the construction, a single pair of the coil is used in the Single Phase Transformer. There also is a primary as well as a secondary coil that helps in meeting the desired voltage requirement. This transformer type is also called a step-down transformer because of its working. This generally converts the high voltage supply into low voltage, required for the functioning of office units or household equipment. Moreover, these transformers are mostly counted for lighter commercial or domestic purposes. Attributes such as low cost as well as low energy input requirements have also made it
popular in the market.

What is a 3 Phase Transformer?
The 3 phase transformers are known to deliver voltage requirements to heavy-duty applications. There are 3 coils, each set separately at an angular difference of 1200. Thus, this helps attain the desired voltage requirement. Preferred for heavy-duty applications, the 3 phase transformers showcase excellent transmission of required voltage, using a small conductor, over long distances. There is the possibility to incorporate single phase transformer in any of the three phases of the 3 phase transformer. Some of the attributes that add to the enhanced demand for 3-phase transformers in Pune are cost-effectiveness, compact structure, and work efficiency.

Basic Working Principle
A simple understanding about the working principle of the single and three phase transformer can help the buyers choose wisely. When a variable current is passed through a wire, a magnetic field is created. This magnetic field is directly proportional to the current flow in terms of strength. The magnetic field is stronger with a high amount of current.

As soon as the second wire is placed next to the magnetic field, the current is generated. Therefore, the current now generated is termed secondary current and the one already flowing through the first wire is termed primary current. Although, the current is induced by the magnetic field produced by the first wire, in the second wire. This complete process is called electromagnetic induction. Thereafter, for more current production, wire wound around an iron bar called “core” is used. These coils in the transformers are to deliver the required voltage. For voltage conversion, the number of turns in the coils is used. The voltage and current in the second coil vary according to the number of coils turns compared to the first one.

There are Transformers Manufacturers in India, who have been acknowledged for offering single-phase transformers as well as 3 phase transformers to meet the requirements of the application areas. contacting them is simple. All you need to do is tell them about your requirement, thereafter they will provide you with their services. They also have team of experts, who can visit your site to examine your requirement in a better way and serve you better.

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